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Very quickly, before things get really ugly this week (“‘Tis the season to grade papers, fa lala lala, lala la la”), I thought I’d honor a timeworn tradition here at $4MT for the non-denominational holiday season, i.e. “Xmas crap!”  Besides, I haven’t posted anything even remotely useful for a while, and it is better to give than to receive, or so they say, so…

Here’s a link to last year’s version, with the annual link to Alex Case’s Xmas grammar goodies and my own Run DMC “Christmas in Hollis” gapfill worksheets.  Yupi!

Then there’s also my links to other Christmas stuff, a decent Mr. Bean active viewing thing, and a writing exercise from ol’ Boggle’s World.

Right, now then, without further ado, I give you this year’s model, featuring once again my favorite Brad Neely creation the Professor Brothers.  “This IS Christmas music!”

As you will find below, I’ve got this little thingy here if that’s your cup of tea–You know, a little prediction task with some stills from the video and some thought bubbles…then a little listening gapfill.  Then you know you can, like, talk about, like Christmas stuff or Kwanzaa or what have you.

Ah, I should add that the gapfill is meant to focus on the construction I wish/(s)he wishes + past/past perfect.

Prisoner pictures (the pictures)


Merry Christmas!

(Ah, and if you like the Professor Brothers and think you have some students might as well, have a look at this other lesson–talking about the future, nice for New Year, you know…)

Ah, and I forgot to mention, Hall Houston recently put up a nice list of links to holiday stuff over at his blog. So for those of you scouring desperately for something other than yule-log wordsearches or whatever, get on that.


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