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level: intermediate, upper-intermediate
aims: practice debating, listening for gist and detail,  introduce / practice adj.+ prep. + obj. + “to” + inf. and verb + obj. + “to” + inf.


(Scroll down to see the Lesson Plan below.)

(Note: If you like, you can omit the Listening by skipping Stage 3,  going directly from the lead-in debate in Stage 1 to the reading in Stage 3.) (more…)


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Level: intermediate, upper intermediate

Aims: Practice the use of phrases to structure a narrative, introduce and practice verb + obj. + to + inf., talk about stressful situations at work or school.


MS Word:

or  PDF:


Bits of card with the phrases “to start, plus, finally, on top of all that, but that’s not all, finally, all told”

(The Lesson Plan can be found at the bottom of the page.) (more…)

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Level: intermediate, upper-intermediate

Aims: Review vocabulary for research and experiments (collocations), review past passive, introduce past participle clauses


MS Word doc:


(Scroll down to go directly to the Lesson Plan below.)

Okay, so post number one of my new blog, hmm, this should be a decent place to start: After attending a Lindsay Clandfield workshop on Working with Texts, I tried my hand with this one. The text is adapted from the world-famous satirical newspaper The Onion, and the full-length, unadapted version of the text can be found here.

I made it specifically for a class I have with statisticians who do clinical trials in a local hospital, so it’s of main interest to Medical/Scientific ESP type students, but could also be used profitably with any other Intermediate level students. Generally good for a laugh, or least a chuckle.

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