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In the interest of getting the ball rolling here a little bit, here’s a quick little thing which is basically an idea ripped off from the TEFLtastic website, which is in fact fantastic (hence the name, I suppose). It came to me yesterday while I was preparing a one-on-one with an low intermediate student (New English File Intermediate, Unit 4C, p. 62-63, if you must know).

If your students are like mine, they may hold a serious grudge against the verb get. “English speakers use get for everything,” they grumble. That’s right, I say, and so can you! (more…)


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Level: intermediate, upper-intermediate

Aims: Review vocabulary for research and experiments (collocations), review past passive, introduce past participle clauses


MS Word doc:


(Scroll down to go directly to the Lesson Plan below.)

Okay, so post number one of my new blog, hmm, this should be a decent place to start: After attending a Lindsay Clandfield workshop on Working with Texts, I tried my hand with this one. The text is adapted from the world-famous satirical newspaper The Onion, and the full-length, unadapted version of the text can be found here.

I made it specifically for a class I have with statisticians who do clinical trials in a local hospital, so it’s of main interest to Medical/Scientific ESP type students, but could also be used profitably with any other Intermediate level students. Generally good for a laugh, or least a chuckle.

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First of all, you may be wondering, “Um, what’s up with the name of your blog? I mean, ‘come on, $trictly 4 my T.E.A.C.H.E.R.Z’? What is that? You’re not even a Tupac fan.(more…)

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